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It was May 6, 2015…

I had just given birth to my first child and was trying to get back to my pre-baby weight plus get my life organized and adjusted to life as a first time mom. I had dreams to start a business and was juggling many things… yet they all felt equally important. It got easy to put myself at the bottom of the list. So I started the Simply Darra blog. It became an outlet for me and it grew a following over time.

Those who know me well know I enjoy organizing but I am a CREATIVE at heart. I love the arts and creating things. I’ve enjoyed created content before “content creating” was a thing. That’s why this little corner of the website is my space to inspire you, challenge you, to teach and empower you.

Here, you can read, listen and watch more about decluttering, organizing and taking better care of yourself.

I’ll share tips and tutorials of course but I will also share me… some of my journeys and processes, in hopes that it helps you navigate your own.

Your Professional Organizing & Simplicity Finding Friend,

Goodbye Miss Perfect

You know, a lot of people think about organization and think it looks like this picture. They see this and say this what they want.

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