Too Cozy With The Clutter?





     As soon as the leaves change color and the air turns crisp, the boxes from your attic begin to beckon for your attention. If we are alike, the decorations and cool-weather clothes are unpacked as soon as the weather hits below seventy degrees. A space that once was cozy is now filled with things ranging from beach balls to beanies. Becoming too cozy with clutter can crowd your space, which usually results in affecting your household both mentally and physically. So, before you break out the candles, sweaters, and cups of pumpkin lattes, join us in preparing your living space for this special time of year.

First things first. . . clear the clutter!

In order to transition your home from summer barbecues to autumn bonfires, space must be cleared. Things such as summer toys and decorations around the house can easily be stored in closets, basements, and attics. Really, wherever there is a functional space that makes sense for your household. Storing something like beach towels at the bottom of your main bedroom closet probably isn’t reasonable, especially if your shoes are down there! 

How to clear the clutter, and quick!

Here at Simply Ordered Solutions, we acknowledge your quandary about wanting your home to be the definition of cozy. We also recognize that not everyone has the time to devote to such a mammoth task! Wouldn’t you like to walk in your home decked out in the warmth of autumn decor instead of bulky boxes? As a service, the team at Simply Ordered Solutions can…

  1. Help you sort through the summer clutter! Let’s face it, after a season is over we know what we do and do not use/wear. If the kid’s inflatable pool remained folded up in the garage, it should be donated. We can pack up your items and take them to the donation place of your choosing!
  2. Clear out your summer closet! This goes hand in hand with number one, but a big enough task to stand on its own two feet. Taking time to evaluate what fits and what is appropriate for the coming seasons will allow plenty of room for those cozy knits!
  3. Reevaluate your space before you add more items! One of our specialties here at Simply Ordered Solutions is implementing systems into your space to make your life easier. We actually wrote a blog on this, click here! Rearranging spaces such as your closet may make room for thicker clothing. We can also purchase storage bins and organizational tools to allow your space to flow at its full potential.

In comes the cozy!

In a moment of complete transparency, I must say it’s easy to over-buy decorations after the season is finished. This means that that wall hanging shaped like a leaf that you bought for $.69 (along with the table runner, string lights, and artificial pumpkins) now must mesh with your other decor. Our recommendation? Comb through your boxes as you unpack them, preventing stress down the road!

Becoming too cozy with your clutter is an easy trap to fall into, and we at Simply Ordered Solutions want to help! Book your FREE “Help Me!” Call today!

Simply Ordered Solutions Blog Writer: Jordan Ray

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