How to Know if You’re Contributing to or Canceling the Chaos





     Everyone loves a good shopping spree with their girlfriends. Hitting up stores ranging from boutiques to places that sell furniture, it’s a simple pleasure for most women. It’s all fun and games until you unpack your car’s trunk and have to make multiple trips to and ‘fro because your arms just cannot handle that many bags. Your entryway, now filled with items that were bought on impulse, no longer functions as a throughway but as a holding space for random bits and pieces. Odds are, your house was a bit chaotic before you even stepped through the door; it’s natural for places we live in to look lived in. By buying with blinders on, with zero vision as to what an item is going to do for you, you’re contributing to the existing chaos when you should be canceling it.

What do you mean “contributing to the chaos”?

    Buying new throw blankets, clothes, or picture frames to hang on the walls are always enjoyable, but be sure to have its future home in mind. You wouldn’t buy a set of books without a shelf to put them on, right? This is the same idea! While purchasing out of necessity is always the best option, shopping for satisfaction can leave you cluttered. Our tip? Try to visualize an item’s subsequent location before scanning it at self-checkout.

     Sometimes you’re in a hurry to feed the family before the day’s activities, and you leave an empty cereal box in the cupboard. Or, you brush past four coffee mugs before finding the perfect container for your morning cup of joe. Maybe it’s as simple as knowing your milk is expired, but leaving it in the refrigerator anyways. A tactic mentioned in an earlier blog, entitled “Winnow as you go!”, addresses this habit. Coming across a dilemma and actively ignoring it makes it future you’s problem, which is contributing to your home’s chaos.

“Cancelling the chaos”… how do I do that?

     One thing is for sure, there is a board/card game somewhere in your home that is out of place. Whether a child has dragged it into the middle of the floor, or you like to “keep it on hand” in case someone comes over, it needs to have a designated area. After you first address the adrift objects in a certain room, make a spot for them that is convenient for you and functional in the space. Be intentional with where you place your things, we don’t want a junk drawer on our hands! 

    If your situation isn’t as straightforward a fix, Simply Ordered Solutions is here to help! In our methods of operation, one of the first things we do is make a point to address the functionality of your space. Next, we do the decluttering for you! Cancelling the chaos can be a feat on your own, let us help. After the chaos has been cleared, we can even donate your items to the location of your choice!

     We can cancel your current chaos, but you have to keep from contributing to it. Book your FREE Help Me! Call to chat with one of our Lead Organizers, and come up with a personalized plan for your space.

Simply Ordered Blog Writer: Jordan Ray

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