Unnecessary Vs. Necessity: How to Maneuver Your Musts





When you were a kid, did you ever have one of those brightly colored toothbrushes covered in cartoon characters? I had a pink one just like this, in fact, it would sing to me each time it was flicked on. Every morning, I looked forward to that daily task because of my special little gadget, given to me by my mom. Toothpaste was the same way, with a flavor that impossibly cleared the cavities, but as a child, this was my favorite part. As a “grown-up”, so to speak, the colors gradually turn duller and the flavors become sharper (and frankly, nasty). But just because this no longer “sparks joy”, does not mean I should toss it into the trash. A common battle, one I’d like to call “unnecessary versus necessity”, takes place in many households. Is it happening in yours?

What must be addressed first are the unnecessary items that might be lying around your home. Old magazines and books, as well as movies and CDs that aren’t a necessity, should go! If your future self wouldn’t want that one novel about a chocolate factory, why not get rid of it?

How should I maneuver items that are a must?

In another blog post, we spoke on the topic of implementing systems in your home to obtain order. We also mentioned how this does not just “naturally” happen, but it requires you to do. Organizing can be a major feat, especially if you lead a busy life (which has also been a topic on the blog, click here!). Simply Ordered Solutions is here to enable your do. With your FREE Help Me! Call, you will receive a personalized plan of action that will work in your space. We pride ourselves in addressing the functionality of an area, not just the aesthetics.

Can I make a “must” spark joy?

I’ll be honest, my hair brush doesn’t hold a special place in my heart. In fact, I feel no joy when I attempt to detangle my curls. The product itself is not noteworthy, but the storage it is placed in will change your perception. Stylish storage bins can be purchased at Walmart, Target, even Dollar Tree. Putting something like your bland, gray toothbrush in a container that matches your bathroom’s color scheme would change the game. It is amazing how one little addition can transform the look of your space.

Sometimes a person doesn’t have time to carefully comb through their home, deciding whether an object is a necessity or not. No worries! Simply Ordered Solutions provides services for every step of this process. Not only can we declutter and tidy up your space, but we also donate your unnecessary items to your desired location! What’s more, Simply Ordered Solutions can also purchase storage systems to implement into your space.

We want to help you “maneuver your musts”! Book your FREE Help Me! Call today!

Simply Ordered Blog Writer: Jordan Ray

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