Autopilot Ain’t Real: How to Transform Your Space in Minutes





Imagine this: you arrive at the airport with suitcases galore, you check in, and approach your gate in record time. You see the plane that will be taking you to your destination approach in the window, and your boarding group is called over the intercom. Upon entering the plane, you sit down in your assigned seat and glance out the glass. You see your suitcases along with everyone else’s, being tossed around on a luggage cart-type craft and immediately grow weary. There’s no way your bags will make it through the connecting flights to your final stopping place, right? Wrong!

It may be difficult to believe (especially if you live near Atlanta!), but the people that work in and for airports know exactly what they are doing. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of systems that operate behind the scenes, some manual and some technical. Procedures are created for one purpose, to establish order.

As the title of this blog post so eloquently states, autopilot ain’t real. Your closet is cluttered, your kitchen in a mess, and your workspace draining your brain power, but none of that can change unless you do! The proper systems need to be put in place in order to transform your space. 

Systems? What are those?

I don’t know about you, but the idea of implementing systems in my household sounds like a daunting task similar to a family’s full load of laundry. A system, as it turns out, is simply “an organized framework or method” (per Oxford Languages), so you shouldn’t worry. Why? The word “method” is synonymous with the word “routine”! A plethora of routines can be found in our day-to-day lives, and Simply Ordered Solutions is here to provide a few that will transform your space immediately!

Three Ways to Transform Your Space!

  • Minutes make a difference!

Women on the go often struggle to allocate time in their schedules to simply straighten things up. We think we need to devote an hour or two to make a visual difference in our homes, but that is just not true! Fifteen minutes, when used correctly, is all you need. Perhaps you put dinner in the oven, and you have a finite amount of time before the food is ready. What if you used this chance to go through your pantry? Simply dispose of expired cans and maybe empty bags/boxes as well. It’s a wonder how decluttered a space can look in such a short span of time!

  • Winnow as you go!

Have you ever had the perfect idea for an outfit, only for it to look completely different than you originally imagined? Do not put those pieces back on the hanger, they are on the chopping block! If the jeans fit terribly, and you are wondering why you bought the top in the first place, toss those items into a donation bin. Decluttering, even as you dress, makes a huge impact in the long run. As a plus, one of Simply Ordered Solutions’ services is to donate your items to your place of choice! 

  • Put those papers in their place!

It’s 2023, and more and more people are working from home. We know the struggle of converting a spare nook into a productive space, and oftentimes this turns into an eyesore under the staircase. An easy solution? Purchase storage bins, filing systems, or plastic drawers that can separate your materials while concealing them simultaneously. Simply Ordered Solutions can analyze your space, purchase the necessary organization tools, and implement them into your space. This means less stress for you!

Simply Ordered Solutions can take your donation pile and purchase organization tools, but we offer much more! Start with your FREE Help Me! Call today!

Simply Ordered Blog Writer: Jordan Ray

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