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Hey Order Lovers! The Order At Heart Podcast is powered by Simply Ordered Solutions and its designed for the those of you trying to figure how to balance it all AND STILL make time for YOU! I’m here to help you bring order to your life so you can live well and be well.

In Episode 28, I bring you in for a little heart 2 heart… Literally from my heart to yours, sharing 2 topics: 1.) How Simply Ordered Solutions got started and 2.) Our heart behind our professional organizing.
Here’s an overview of the episode but I hope you’ll listen to the full podcast episode here:

How Simply Ordered Solutions Got Started

I’m a serial entrepreneur and I come from a family of entrepreneurs. From babysitting clubs in Middle School to an event planning company after college, I’ve tried a lot. Network marketing, online businesses, you name it. In the episode, I described how I came to finally settle on organizing. And I shared how the company’s name changed over the years. I actually started organizing as “Organizing with Darra”. And that became “Simply Darra Solutions” which is now Simply Ordered Solutions.

Early on, organizing was just a hobby for me and something I did for friends and family when they needed my help. But over time I saw how I could use it to save people precious resources like their time, their money and their (energy) health/well-being.

I saw a great need for Simply Ordered Solutions when it finally clicked for me that professional organizing can help us be well. It actually helps reduce the likelihood of stress related illnesses and the effects of stress on the mind and body. As many of us know, from firsthand experiences, stress can have major, and for some long-term effects on us. And if we’re too busy to catch the cues, it can severely impact our quality of life.

Our Heart Behind Professional Organizing

I personally wanted the freedom and flexibility being an entrepreneur provides for me and my family. I relish the ability to give that gift to other women who share a passion for order and organization.

In its simplest terms, I want to help people. People sometimes just don’t know how to get started. If they do know, some get stuck midway. Organization is a process. Creating a system of order takes time. But the process and the time is needed if we want to be productive and have order. This doesn’t have to be done alone. Depending on the need of the person or business, our organizing skills transfers and expands into other types of help as well. Professional organizing has opened the door to allow us to help people in the areas of administrative management, business consulting, productivity consulting and wellness coaching. We help people live their lives and run their businesses without stress and frustration.

In closing, take a quick glance at this overview of the 8 dimensions of wellness from the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration below.

All of these areas matter if we’re going to truly love a balanced, healthy, productive life. But stress can impact any one of these dimensions so it is up to us to manage stress effectively. Professional organizing and decluttering helps to de-stress.

Got additional questions about balance, wellness, getting it organized or anything I mentioned in this episode? I would love to cover them on the next episode for you. Share your thoughts or questions with us on social media. Simply Ordered is on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Tik-Toc @simplyorderedso.

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