Goodbye Miss Perfect





You know, a lot of people think about organization and think it looks like this picture. They see this and say this what they want. While this is a nicely organized row of shows, unless your goal is extreme minimalism, to take this picture and assume it’s exactly what your space should or is going to like look like is an unrealistic expectation IF:

  • You have more than 5 pairs of shoes
  • You have more than 14 shirts
  • You have long dresses, jumpers and gowns
  • You love purses (like me!)
  • You have pants, skits, shorts, jeans, pajamas, undergarments, multiple scarves, hats and accessories (because hardly, if any of that is shown here)
  • Or you use your closet for any other kind of storage space because space is limited

What’s my point? UNREALISTIC EXPECTATIONS… I am currently working through and studying the traits of perfectionism. I’ll be sharing more on that in the Order At Heart Podcast this season. (Find it on Spotify or wherever you listen to podcasts!) One definition that has stood out to me most is this one:

Judging your self-worth based largely on your ability to strive for and achieve extremely high, unrelenting standards.
Perfectionism is all-or-nothing thinking that thinks or says “you’re never good enough”. It’s often a learned behavior that was modeled for you or something acquired through life events.

My response to this recent uncovering God is doing in my heart on this subject:

  • Focus on receiving God’s love and grace (for real for real)
  • Understand and reframe my self-worth
  • Pray for the Holy Spirit to help me with self-acceptance
  • Practice self compassion

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