Why I Love The Price Is Right

I know it might seem strange but I just love watching The Price Is Right! In a moment I’ll tell you why and tell you how the show might even be a help to you too.
But first I’ll say, I’ve always been a fan of game shows and just games period. I’m not so much the super competitive type, I just like playing and watching for fun (and of course winning). As a child I watched game shows with my grandmother when I would visit… Hollywood Squares and Press Your Luck were among some we’d watch. 
As I got a little older, I’d watch all the Nickelodeon game shows with Double Dare being at the top of my list and other shows like Supermarket Sweep, Shop Til You Drop, Wheel of Fortune and Family Fued being in the evening lineup (Jeopardy only became a pastime when I became an adult).

But when it comes to The Price Is Right… I could watch it any day, any time, no matter how old I get and here’s why (maybe you’ve noticed some of these things and maybe you haven’t):

1. Bright, jubilant colors and music- Yes it’s very retro, which I adore but doesn’t it just scream celebration?!? Who doesn’t need that these days?
2. Everybody’s smiling- It’s hard to see so many smiles and not smile or feel happy yourself. Everyone is genuinely excited to be there! 
3. Affirming- when a contestant guesses right and even when they guess wrong, they’re encouraged, celebrated and given another chance to play and stay in the game. 

Watching for me, when I can actually catch it in time, promotes self care in a way (Wait, hear me out…lol). Anytime there’s something YOU enjoy and you make time for it by setting a time for it and keeping that time, THAT is prioritizing YOU. It’s like setting an appointment with/for you. We honor appointment and meeting times with everyone else, why not ourselves… No matter how big or small the task or activity. This type of mindset encourages balance and healthy time management. Of course we obviously can’t (responsibly) do ALL the things WE WANT and neglect other things that need to be done all the time. But we can space them out and multitask, where fitting. I’ve multi-tasked some days when watching The Price Is Right… folding laundry, Pinterst-ing recipes, planning meals and stretching on the floor. So make the time for what you enjoy and go enjoy it!