Ideal solution if you prefer someone physically working alongside you to bring order to your home, business or life


Perfect solution if you're outside our service area or like to DIY but need a customized action plan

organizing COACHING

Beautiful solution for ongoing training to achieve order in your life or workplace plus accountability to maintain it

Meet SOS

Simply Ordered Solutions (SOS) started off as a hobby in 2013 and transformed into a real business by the end of 2017. The company was officially launched in January of 2018.

This empowering company was designed to help overwhelmed women and business owners establish the order they need in their daily lives. It exists to teach people how to become and stay organized, be more productive and create space for the things they love.

“From Clutter To Creation” is an ongoing campaign, sponsored by Simply Ordered Solutions, to increase awareness of how clutter affects our overall wellness, how to declutter, clear our minds and the spaces around us.