Purge, For What?

That word… Maybe you know it from a movie (I’m not a horror flick kind of girl). Maybe you think it sounds difficult. or it sounds nasty. Whatever your first impression, most people do not equate that with the best of times. But purging is necessary and it does not have to be a bad thing.

Purge means to to clear of guilt; to free from moral or ceremonial defilement; to cause evacuation; to make free of something unwanted; to rid (someone) of an unwanted feeling, memory, or condition, typically giving a sense of cathartic release.

When we purge, we let go of items we no longer use or love. Discarded items can be recycled, donated, sold, or trashed. When our lives become cluttered and filled with unnecessary excess, it’s time to purge. If you are at that place, take a look at what SOS believes a good purge can really bring and do for you.

P eace- It might feel worse before it feels better, but a good purge can bring immediate relief and calm

U nderstanding- A good purge can teach you things about yourself you may not have realized before

R est- A clearer physical space around you can help your mind to rest better

G uide- Once clutter is cleared out of the way you have a guide, a clear path to order again

E fficiency- Achieve maximum productivity with minimum wasted effort or expense


So don’t be afraid. Don’t be anxious. SOS is here to help you get started. Decide to book a consultation now and get a free 15 minute SOS Discovery Call by filling out our contact form.



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