Prioritize Truthfully

Two weeks into this new year… how’s it going? One thing I’ve learned so far… is the importance of being honest with myself as it relates to my priorities… even saying that, I have to keep this blog short because it’s important enough for me to say something but not more important than feeding my baby, taking a long, hot shower by candlelight (#selfcare) or going to bed at a good time.

See, when we prioritize we give everything a level of importance. But if we are unrealistic and untruthful, we end up overcommitting and treating everything as if it were the most important thing… yes, everything may be important but let’s say you were seriously ill or just smack, dog-tired… your body, your mind and/or your heart would QUICKLY help you see what is priority in that moment. You know what I mean? So why wait for THAT kind of situation… listen to your body, your mind or your heart NOW and start small with your goals and tasks.

Don’t be overwhelmed. Don’t be scattered. Be kind to yourself and respectful of your own time and limitations. Set real boundaries and stick to them. Don’t feel guilty about it. Be honest with yourself and others, prioritize truthfully and you will enjoy life way more than if you did none of the above.