And So We Rest…

Happy Labor Day everyone!

On the last blog post we talked briefly about the importance of purging and getting rid of unnecessary things. Check it out here, if you missed it.

Today I want to share some thoughts on…REST.

It’s no secret that we don’t get enough sleep but sleep is only one way to rest. Our minds rest when we get to stop being “on”… when we get to do something we enjoy. When’s the last time that was you?

We rarely turn off when we want and need to between home obligations, work and outside the home commitments. We often have things hanging over our heads to get to, creating mental clutter.

The mind cannot adequately rest when there is mental clutter. I personally can’t even “rest my best” when I’m surrounded by physical clutter.

So what do we do to get rid of mental clutter? Here are some ideas:

  1. Ask: Are you trying to do too much in a day? Write down everything you’re committed to at the moment for one day. These things may require something of you everyday but try to focus on one day at a time. Put a star by the tasks in your day that are not going to get done in one day, like raising a child.
  2. Assess: Now look at your list and evaluate is there truly enough time, meaning enough hours in the day to do all that you listed? Start from your wake up time and actually count. What time will that put you in bed? Does that give you enough sleep each night to get up and start again the next day?
  3. Act: The answers to those assessment questions now require action. You might need to take some things out of your schedule and project them out to begin in a month or two. You might need to enlist or hire some part time or monthly help. You might need to wake up or go to bed earlier.

Whatever the action, do something. Taking this introspective approach with action is vital to clearing mental clutter, helping you to get better rest and tackle even bigger questions and tasks later. Feel like you need someone to sit down with your schedule and you? Book a consultation now and get a free 15 minute SOS Discovery Call by filling out our contact form. I’d be glad to help you get your time in order, create a margin of space for rest and help you bring balance, order and simplicity to your life.


Love & Simplicity,